Indoor & outdoor mats and roll mats

Lightweight, comfortable products that are ecological and PVC-free (customisation available). Wide product range covering all market levels: from basic low-cost roll mats to high performance products.

  • Single-layer mats: with or without masking film, with various surface etching possibilities (pyramidal, fine, grooved & speciality).
  • Dual-layer mats: combine foams of various colours or density-firmness.
  • Foldable mats.
  • Thermoformed mats.

Swimming pool

Products which are safe, durable and inert (far pools). Perfect for both learning and training, as well as activities like water aerobics. Made according to the CE/EN 13138 standard.

  • Swimming floats.
  • Pull buoys.
  • Floating shapes & covers.
  • Flotation belts & collars.
  • Accessories for aquagym.
  • “Soft” floating doughnuts in different shapes, colours & sizes.

Tatami and sports flooring

Versatile, lightweight and resistant products enabling maximum shock absorption combined with gradual energy release.
Free from PVC.

  • School tatami: customised design perfect for multi-purpose rooms.
  • Judo & combat-certified tatami. 40 mm thick, interlocking finish and rice straw-layered finish on both sides. Certified by the IJF.
  • Karate, kick boxing & taekwondo-certified tatami. 20 mm thick, interlocking finish and rice straw-layered finish on both sides. Certified by the WKF, ITF.
  • Under-floor protection: polyurethane agglomerate foams in various densities, especially designed for full-time use rooms.
  • Zetakid®: removable flooring made from interlocking high-density foam tiles with a reinforced surface finish for pre-school areas, nurseries, play rooms and play areas. Opportunity to increase the HIC by combining different density materials.
  • Protection for floors, walls, corners, sharp edges, pillars, basketball hoop supports, goals, etc.


  • Basic bodyboard: with an EPS core and striking designs.
  • lntermediate bodyboard: range with a closed cell polyethylene foam core.
  • Professional bodyboard: wíth a Plastazote® HD core.
  • Softboard and longboard.


Durable, reusable materials specially designed to absorb arrow impact.

  • Straps.
  • Blocks.
  • Quivers.
  • Multi-target quivers.
  • 3-D shapes.

Cores for padel racquets

Cores in polyethylene foam (FOAM) and EVA with varying degrees of hardness that enable racquets to be made that behave consistently and are light and durable.

  • High-purity materials with no foaming agent residue or volatile organic compounds.
  • A variety of materials for the whole range of racquets: children’s, beginner’s, professional, strike, control, etc.:
    • LA 15.
    • LD 15.
    • EV 30.
    • EV 42.
    • EV 50.
    • VA 35.
    • PN 28 SOFT.