Technical Foam Solutions for Construction

Energy efficient solutions for industrial work, construction and civil works.

At ZFoam we are experts in manufacturing and supplying solutions in technical foam for all kinds of construction work: industrial, civil and building works.
We use materials that adapt to the needs of the situation, complying with the technical characteristics required by the client. This is achieved under strict and rigorous controls throughout the production process. The result is the highest quality technical foam for construction with great resistance and durability.

Features of our technical foam solutions for construction

  • Expansion and vibration mitigation.

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation against impact noise on parquet and decking.

  • Thermal insulation and anti-misting for HVAC ducts; to EUROCLASS BS1d0 standard.

  • Thermal break solutions for aluminium and PVC doors and windows.

  • Air and water tightness in roofing and enclosures.

  • Water-resistance for underground works and train tunnels and for the road.

What can we offer you?

  • Seals and shapes.

  • Sealing gaskets.

  • Expansion joints.

  • Heat insulation panels.
  • Seals and expansion joints in prefabricated sandwich panels.