Technical foam solutions for packaging

Singularly efficient solutions for the Packaging Industry.

We can provide personalised solutions that are made to our clients’ packaging needs in all kinds of technical foams.

We have the very latest technology and just the right equipment to adapt the final product to any technical specifications required.

NOur semi-conversion and final conversion processes are vertically integrated. This means we can provide comprehensive service from the raw material through to the end product (including selecting the most suitable materials and design process).

Special Solutions

Solutions in foam for luxury goods

We have a wide range of technical foams that are specially designed to package specific luxury goods, e.g.: wines, spirits, perfumes, cosmetics, watches and jewellery.

Solutions in ecological foam

We have an extensive range of sustainable materials. Environmentally friendly solutions which are also based around a cyclical economy.
That means 100% recyclable materials (per the SPI) or derived from recycled materials.