At ZFoam we continue working on the development of new materials and products valid for the manufacture of #filters, #hygienic masks and #surgical masks.


We have recently tested a new 3-layer composition with the following results:

Efficiency BFE Bacterial Filtration: 99.69%

Breathability: 50 Pa/cm2

Both values are above the requirements of UNE 0064-1 and 0064-2 standards for hygienic masks and EN UNE 14683:2019 + AC:2019 standards for surgical masks.


The filter is the perfect complement to the hygienic textile masks since it maintains a high filtration capacity (>99%) and that capacity is not reduced with the washings. It’s perfect for public-facing jobs.


In addition, in ZFoam we can adapt the size of the filters to any mask design.


Our sales team is at your disposal if you need more information.