Technical foams for the renewable energy sector

Foams and materials adapted to the renewable energy sector

We offer you a catalogue of solutions and materials with the best waterproofing and insulation characteristics adapted to the needs of the sector.

What do we offer you?

  • Weather stripping, straps and parts for compartmentalisation, lost formwork, fillings, etc. for use in foundations & prefabricated concrete or metal towers.

  • Made-to-measure Regupol® non-slip parts for transporting, storing & lifting sections.

  • Regufoam® strips, straps and sections for vibration mitigation & weather stripping.

  • Soundproofing for nacelles, blades & other elements using open cell materials (with excellent performance in case of fire).

  • Cross-linked closed cell Polyethylene foams.

  • Regufoam®.

  • Regupol®.

  • Polyurethane foams with Polyether & Polyester base.

  • Melamine Resin Foams.

  • Cellular Rubber.

  • Possible adhesive coating for parts & sandwich-type rolled substrate.

  • 2D & 3D seals, straps, sheets & parts.

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