Technical foams for artworks, museums and libraries

The greatest care for your works of art

Plastazote® and Evazote® foams designed for the preservation of all sorts of works of art: sculptures, paintings, books and codices.

What do we offer you?

  • Special foams for temporary packaging and protection of artworks.

  • Foams for protection during exhibition transfers and logistics.

  • Support panels lining in museums, archives and libraries.

  • Plastazote® and Evazote® are globally acknowledged for use in contact with sculptures, paintings, books and codices.

  • Some users of these products are:

    • British Museum
    • Tate Gallery Britain
    • Palais du Louvre
    • El Prado Museum in de Madrid
    • Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
  • Plastazote® and Evazote® do not contain any type of chemical residue that might affect or contaminate artworks.

  • Without VOC (volatile organic compounds), or CFCs or HCFCs.

  • They do not foster bacterial growth or absorb humidity.

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