Technical foams for logistics and transport

Specific solutions for insulation and safety in transport and logistics

Foams to coat large-scale containers for all kinds of transportation needs. Long-lasting and resistant thanks to the finishes.

What do we offer you?

  • Technical foams for:

    • FIight cases.
    • Large containers for sectors such as defence and safety.
    • Returnable containers for automotive and appliances sectors.
  • Foams for class A surface protection and with low abrasion degree, suitable for plastic and painted surfaces.

  • Special improved durability grades that multiply the container working life.

  • Possibility of surface reinforcement.

  • Foam parts and racks that adapt to any type of product.

  • Lamination with special fabrics such as Non Wovens, Tyvek®.

  • Self-adhesive finish for improved assembly.

  • Tapes and protection pads for angles, corners and tubes.

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