The current COVID-19 crisis is hitting hard in sectors such as transport, hotels and tourism. However, there are other sectors, such as retail, where there are very significant differences in the degree of impact. Brands that had 100% of their sales focused on the physical store channel have now almost zero income and a discouraging horizon. Meanwhile, many others more oriented towards ecommerce, have been less affected and, in some cases, they have even increased their sales.


It is in this kind of sales where product packaging plays an even more important role than it already had. In addition to being the presentation card of your product, you should take into consideration if it is well “prepared” to be transported by courier companies, avoiding breakage, damage, etc.

foam packaging

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At ZFoam, we have been providing plastic foam solutions for the presentation packaging of all types of products for more than 25 years. We cover from the most premium products in perfumery, cosmetics, jewelry, wine and liquor, to the most technical ones such as electronic products.

plastic foam

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