As the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, we see new (or not so new) applications and solutions in which plastic foams play a major role.

One example is the protective screen PPE with a foam band that fits directly onto the user’s head.

For these and other applications, at ZFoam we have the exclusive AZOTE® foams with characteristics and properties that make them the best in the health sector:

– These products are manufactured using nitrogen gas extracted from the air as a foaming agent, which is returned to the atmosphere after the production process. In other words, they are manufactured without using any chemical foaming agent.

– They allow permanent contact with human skin.

– They have a homogeneous closed-cell structure that prevents the retention of liquids and humidity.

– They are non-toxic, latex-free, reusable, hypoallergenic and transparent to MRI, CT and X-ray. In addition, Plastazote® foams are tested according to ISO 10993:2018 on biological evaluation of medical devices.

AZOTE® foams have a wide range of grades. From the lightest and softest such as LD15, LD24 or EV30, to the most rigid such as HD30, LD70 or PK80.

– They comply with REACH and RoHS regulations.

In addition to protection screens, the foams are also used for other applications in the healthcare sector such as:

Prostheses of all types: cervical collars, vertebral and cervical supports, immobilization splints, etc.

– Body protections.

– Transfer tables for patients, X-ray blocks.

– Orthopedic insoles and supports.

Inserts for equipment protection.

Trays and racks for medical and surgical instruments.

If you need more information, please contact us, we will be happy to help you and to take part in this fight against the virus.